Euro-Top FrontFix

Discover our unique quick-assembly cable gland!

The new Euro-Top FrontFix is a unique and to date one-of-a-kind cable gland concept, which eliminates the need for traditional connection technology using threaded fittings or lock nuts. A special locking mechanism simplifies assembly considerably and means that time savings of approx. 70 percent can be achieved realistically compared with commercially available threaded cable glands. Also available with double seal for extended clamping range.



  • A special spring element stabilises the cable gland directly after it is engaged in the through-hole and reliably prevents the cable gland from twisting during assembly. This is a crucial advantage especially in case of applications in confined spaces that are difficult to access.
  • One-handed front mounting can be completed easily in under six seconds without the need for special tools.
  • FrontFix can be used flexibly with enclosure wall thicknesses of between 0.5 mm and 4.0 mm.
  • Requirements for commercially available cable glands are fulfilled fully. This essentially relates to strain relief and the protection class (IP66, IP68).
  • FrontFix can be disassembled without difficulty and therefore also re-used repeatedly.
  • Costs for complicated and time-consuming threaded holes or lock nuts do not arise.
  • Cap nuts and connecting pieces each have clockwise threads. This offers an advantage over similar solutions, which generally have a counterclockwise thread on the connecting piece and a clockwise thread on the cap nut.
  • Cap nuts and connecting pieces have identical width across flats.



- Automation
- Electrical engineering
- Solar and wind power
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Enclosure technology and switch cabinet construction


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